Our new project collaborated with Environmental Protection Department. We completed the booklet design for T · PARK opening in June 2016. 

T · PARK is a world-class sludge treatment facility in Nim Wan of Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. Designed by renowned French architect Claude Vasconi. The streamlined and wave form design was inspired by the surrounding sea and hills. 

The concept behind T · PARK is simple and clear: a facility that transforms ‘waste-to-energy’. It combines a variety of advanced technologies with recreational,educational and ecological features in a single complex. It points the way to more sustainable future in Hong Kong, and sets high standards for green practices in building design.

The booklet design is inspired by the T · PARK logo (designed by Milkxhake). We tried to apply the wave forms in different combination in each chapter. The wave form proportion and shape are based on the logo and it is the characteristic of the architecture. The different combination of wave form is representing the possibility of ‘waste-to-energy’.

Booklet design: Ksana Design Studio
Naming and visual identity: Milkxhake